Lawrence L. Rouch, Jr.

Principal Engineer

B.E. in Chemical Engineering


Industrial experience in aerospace materials characterization, testing, bonding and composite materials development, involving aircraft and re-entry vehicles, missiles, space structures, electronics components including survivability, lifetime assessment, and re-entry protection. Principal investigator on DoD related programs with extensive engineering program experience in system support such as Titan, Pershing, Lifting Bodies, and failure analysis support. Mr. Rouch has over 23 publications and many engineering technical reports.

Mr. Rouch’s working experience includes Johns Hopkins Center for NDE, Staff Engineer at Lockheed Martin (Marietta Marietta) Laboratories, U S Navy Special Weapons Project and Naval Reserve (Commander) and at E. I. DuPont (Chemical Engineer). Specific relevant technical experience includes: Nondestructive testing, development, and characterization including ultrasonics, x-rays, strain gages, and mechanical tests; thermal and thermo-mechanical analysis of polymers and propellants, FTIR; instrumentation with signal data acquisition.