B. Boro Djordjevic, Ph.D.

President and CEO

Ph.D., 1979, Materials Science and Engineering,
M.S.E., 1978, Mechanical Eng. and Materials Science,
B.S., 1973, Physics,


Thirty-five years of experience in research related to advanced materials, structures, launch platforms, aircraft and aerospace systems. Specific technical background in areas of materials science, nondestructive evaluation, composite materials, materials testing, acoustics, ultrasonic, light-sound interactions, in-situ sensors, signal processing, structural integrity, and aerospace engineering. Extensive experience in project management, R&D, technology development, technology transfer, and technical education.

Consultant NASA, Air Force, ARPA, Navy; National Materials Advisory Board: “Committee on Aging of U.S. Air Force Aircraft”; Member: Acoustical Society of America; American Chemical Society, American Physical Society; ASM International (Federal Affairs Committee, 2003-2006, 2007-2010); American Society for Nondestructive Testing (National Committee Chairman, 1981-1986; Chesapeake Bay Section, Chairman, 1983 / Board of Directors, 1979-1985; ASNT Director, 1997 -2001; Chairman, Research Council ASNT 1997 –1999, Chair Strategic Planning Committee, 2001-2004, Vice-Chair 1996-2000); American Society for Testing and Materials; The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Society for Advancement of Material and Process Engineering.

Authored over 100 technical publications, edited 8 books, authored many technical documents and reports, and four patents; Presented numerous technical papers throughout USA, Austria, Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy and Spain. Worked with European and international technical firms in areas of automated test systems, robotics, advanced NDT, ultrasonic sensors, materials engineering and quality control. Participated or lead many failure or accident investigation teams. Organized and coordinated meetings of professional societies and international scientific conferences, and served as chairman or president of many technical committees and organizations. Listed in "Who's Who in Science and Engineering", "Who's Who in the World”, “Who’s Who in America”.